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无理之人 2015

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Irrational Man
伍迪·艾伦 Woody Allen
艾玛·斯通 Emma Stone/杰昆·菲尼克斯 Joaquin Phoenix/杰米·布莱克利 Jamie Blackley/帕克·波西 Parker Posey/伊桑·菲利普斯 Ethan Phillips/大卫·阿隆·贝克 David Aaron Baker/Meredith Hagner/Ben Rosenfield/Sophie von Haselberg
2015-05-15(戛纳电影节) / 2015-07-17(美国)
阿贝(杰昆·菲尼克斯 Joaquin Phoenix 饰)是一名风度翩翩的大学哲学教授,深受同学和老师们的喜爱。每天和自己的本我超我打交道,使得阿贝难免会陷入虚无主义的危机之中。某日,他的课堂上来了一位名叫吉尔(艾玛·斯通 Emma Sto

无理之人的剧情介绍,阿贝(杰昆·菲尼克斯 Joaquin Phoenix 饰)是一名风度翩翩的大学哲学教授,深受同学和老师们的喜爱。每天和自己的本我超我打交道,使得阿贝难免会陷入虚无主义的危机之中。某日,他的课堂上来了一位名叫吉尔(艾玛·斯通 Emma Stone 饰)的女学生,吉尔热情而又开朗,她的诸多哲思和阿贝不谋而合,师生之间很快就发展出了浓浓的情意。 某日,阿贝和吉尔正在餐厅吃饭,无意之中听闻邻座抱怨某位法官使她失去了孩子的监护权,让吉尔没有想到的是,没过多久,她便看到了这位法官的死讯。吉尔左思右想,觉得此事和阿贝有着脱不清的干系,同样对此心知肚明的还有阿贝的同事丽塔(帕克·波西 Parker Posey 饰),然而丽塔却有着自己的打算。©豆瓣

A new philosophy professor arrives on a small town campus near Newport, Rhode Island. His name, Abe Lucas. His reputation : bad. Abe is said to be a womanizer and an alcoholic. But what people do not know is that he is a disillusioned idealist. Since he has become aware of his inability to change the world, he has indeed been living in a state of deep nihilism and arrogant desperation. In class, he only goes through the motions and outside he drinks too much. But as far as sex is concerned, he is just a shadow of himself now: depression is not synonymous with Viagra! For all that, he can't help being attracted to one of his students, pretty and bright Jill Pollard. He enters into a relationship with her which remains platonic, even if Jill would not say no to more. The situation remains unchanged for a while until, one day, in a diner, Abe and Jill surprise a conversation that will change the course of their lives dramatically...

伍迪·艾伦是个什么样的人。論知識份子的自我(黑)修養。伍迪艾伦的小公主梦和犹太老头心。Irrational Man小事集(6件)。人性总是那样让人无所适从。彻底反讽。荒诞世界下的男女爱情。我终于发现了自杀小队的第一名成员。存在主义与陀思妥耶夫斯基,还是值得一看。一场游戏一场梦。

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